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    Our 25kW prime power generator rents for $59.00 per day.  That include everything except Fuel.  We do all the maintenance.  Most homes only need a 25kW generator but just in case you need more power we also have 35kW and 45kW units for just a few dollar more.

    Don’t move out of your house this summer if you have power problems, call us, we will deliver the generator within 4 hours of your request.

   The new Baja Battery Power Solutions Mobile Power Pod is shown here connected to a 2,500 sqft home with 6 Tons of A/C and Heating, 6 garage bays, electric dryer and so much more.  The home owner washed and dried (electric dryer) 4 loads of wash with no problem.

 This unit is equipped with 12 235 Watt Kyocera solar panels making a  2.8KW solar array and 32KW of stored power and 8.8Kw of inversion and a 5KW DC generator that can charge batteries or act like 5Kw of solar panels.  The DC generator runs on diesel and uses only 1.75 gallons per day.

The Mobile Power Pod is available for rent or purchase.

Use it for parties, restaurants, remote location power and more.  If you
have a panel truck or enclosed trailer we can add solar to it for extra
power when you need it where you need it.

Contact Jeremy 686 170 9030

     Just in, Kyocera 240 Watt High Efficiency High output solar panels and our
new Honda 8,750W Honda Generator with the industrial grade GX Honda Engine.
This generator can run up to 14 hours on one tank of gas at 50% load.

These solar panels are configured for 110VDC output and converted by an
Outback 60 MPPT Solar Controller to charge the batteries at 24VDC.  This
saves $100's of dollars in large copy wire runs allowing for a lower total
cost of ownership for this system.

We are able to support a main house, Casita and work shop.  We reworked the
old solar tracker to hold the new Kyocera solar panels.  The power house
holds 15KW of battery storage.

Call us today and we can come out and help you upgrade your system to
technology that saves you money and give you more power.

Baja Battery Power Solutions
From USA 011 52 1 686 170 9030
Mexico: 686 170 9030

Off grid, 20kW inverter with 2550Ahr 2 volt batteries recharged by 60
Kyocera 250 Watt solar panels
New customer in San Felipe. 
LED lighting Saving $1000's of Pesos every year in electric bills.
                                   Hello Everyone,

   We just finished one of the largest solar arrays and most powerful state-of-the-art home power solutions located in El Dorado Ranch. This system supplies 32,000 watts stored in 16 L16 batteries manufactured by Baja Battery Power Solutions.  This system has inversion power capable of providing 8,800 watts of pure sine wave power.  The system is monitored by a real-time network allowing for detailed power use information for both AC and DC electricity coupled to the internet the system can be monitored from any internet connected computer in the world.  Battery power is reported by a specialized battery monitoring computer that reports battery status as a State-of Charge percentage (SOC).  Totally automatic, this system allows for non-stop operations with little or no intervention.   The 48VDC battery bank and 240VAC inverter provide efficient power to operate up to 8 tons of SEER 22 energy efficient Air Conditioning as well as pump water, refrigerate, illuminate and run all appliances and entertainment systems.

   Attached is a picture of the system that shows how the technology of the new Magnum Energy system allows an integrated, compact foot print giving maximum power and minimum foot print.  The 2nd picture shows the complex integrated wiring we install to accomplish this amazing system.

  The batteries are recharged by a solar array of 4,230 Watts.  This array was designed using one of Kyocera's most efficient solar panels, the KD235. This system has the ability to be upgraded to a total of 5000 watts on one solar controller saving money and maximizing power in one controller.

   Contact Baja Power Battery Power Solutions for a power solution designed for your energy needs and budget requirements.