As you are aware, Baja Battery Power Solutions has been in business serving San Felipe, El Dorado Ranch and the surrounding campos for over 4 years, providing reliable, state-of-the-art battery back up systems and solar solutions to predominantly off-grid and electric wannabe residences (those homes who were "guaranteed" electricity by Pat Butler in EDR but was never delivered).  It is only recently that CFE has allowed installation and use of gri-tie inverters to give back electricity and thus reduce an individual's or commercial entity's electric bill down to the minimum price of administration - $55 pesos per month.  My shop has been using grid-tie for nearly a year to virtually zero out my electric bill.  Indeed, when I expand next month to include the space next door, my current array will be more than able to support both the existing workspace and the new store front.  

  I am so excited about our new project that I wanted to share it with all of you ... so that you can recommend us to friends, consider it yourself when and if Pat includes us all in the electric infrastructure, and especially to help you understand that an investment now in solar will more than pay itself off when the grid is in place.  Indeed, you too can have an [almost] zero electric bill.  It is NOT a throw-away unless you let it be.

    We are now completing our first residential grid-tie effort .. a large home in El Dorado Ranch with huge monthly bills.  We have installed 20 - 240 Watt Kyocera solar panels which will be connected to an SMA 7000 watt transformerless grid-tie inverter.  The inverter will have a 98% efficiency rating. The array has a total of 4,800 Watts of 4.8 KW per hour of sunlight.  Given the efficiency and past performance of the Kyocera panels, we are expecting to pull 32 KW a day, for an annual energy production of up to 10,900 KW.  The panel rack, custom made by Baja Battery for the installation and conforming to El Dorado Ranch's new stringent requirements, is adjustable for seasonal changes in the Sun's position.  The customer can expect a 4-5 year return on investment.

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